Collaborations & Partners

Computer & Information Science & Engineering, College of Engineering

Juan Gilbert, PhD

Human-Centered Computing,
Spoken Language Systems, STEM Workforce Development

Dr. Gilbert

Neurology, College of Medicine

Katharina Busl, MD, MS

Integration of waveform analysis into neurocritical care practice, prediction of neurological decline

Dr. Busl

Clinical and Health Psychology, College of Public Health and Health Professions

Catherine Price, PhD

Clinical and translational research in cognition in acute care medicine

Photo of Catherine Price

Video Game Design, New Media Entrepreneurship, Digital Arts & Sciences

Marko Suvajdzic, PhD

Associate Director of Digital Worlds Institute

Dr. Marko Marko Suvajdzic

Anesthesiology, College of Medicine

Patrick Tighe, MD, MS

Perioperative pain and cognition, deep learning, social determinants of health, geospatial analyses, unstructured data

Patrick Tighe