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Postdoctoral or PhD Student Research Associate

The Angelini and Graim labs at the University of Florida are seeking candidates to fill an open postdoctoral or Ph.D. student research position. As part of this multi-institutional project, the researcher will utilize machine learning approaches to train and automate a novel bio-microfabrication instrument to create biomineralizing structures with single-cell precision. The researcher will develop deep learning tools to build 3D models of cell-cell interactions and how this impacts tissue structure formation. Results from the developed tools will be tested using existing physical hardware to test predictions and provide further training data immediately. Using these results, the researcher will systematically investigate the roles of structure, scale, molecular transport kinetics, and other factors in biomineralization processes. Applicants should contact Dr. Angelini ( or Dr. Graim (

Post Doc Associate

Dr. Shao’s lab within the Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3) in the Department of Medicine at the University of Florida is seeking a highly creative and motivated postdoctoral researcher in the areas of deep learning and medical image analysis. The candidate will be responsible for developing machine learning methods to solve challenging problems in medical image analysis, including (1) multi-modal image registration, (2) 2D and 3D image segmentation, and (3) image-based disease diagnosis and prognosis. The project has the potential for very productive findings in terms of publications and innovative clinical implications. The successful candidates will work with a multidisciplinary team consisting of imaging scientists, radiologists, pathologists, urologists, and surgeons at the University of Florida, UCLA, and UCSC.

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