Artificial Intelligence in Critical and Acute Care Medicine

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Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3) directors Azra Bihorac and Parisa Rashidi talk with John Torres of NBC Nightly News about our center’s research into using AI to help monitor critically ill patients.

our missions & goals

In this video, Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3) director Azra Bihorac and associate director for research Tyler Loftus discuss our vision for the partnership between AI and medicine.


AI-augmented diagnostic, prognostic, and clinical decision-making

Expand the research scope into AI-augmented diagnostic, prognostic, and clinical decision-making in a safe, secure, and ethical manner using a trustworthy, reproducible, sustainable, and ethical AI framework for a wide range of critical and acute illnesses.



Patient care

Improve patient care through innovative research translation for quality improvement, patient safety, and development of benchmark metrics.

intelligent ICU


The next generation of AI researchers

Educate the next generation of diverse transdisciplinary AI researchers. We will extend collaboration between UF Health, UF College of Medicine and College of Engineering, and the broader UF campus to include faculty, house-staff, and students across disciplines and create programs for training and research.



National leadership

Build a national leadership for multicenter AI and data science initiatives and share publicly available datasets and AI platforms in this domain.



Sustainability with external fundraising

Foster sustainability with external fundraising through entrepreneurship initiatives, philanthropy, and community engagement and advocacy.



January 12-13, 2023

Grant winners announced!

The AI2Heal Datathon's AI Showcase and Team Presentations took place on Jan. 12-13, 2023. At the conclusion of the event, selected teams received $15,000-$20,000 catalyst awards to continue developing their work into a complete extramural funding application. The University of Florida College of Medicine Office of Research Affairs, in partnership with the University of Florida Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3), sponsored this inaugural funding opportunity for novel, collaborative, and experiential multidisciplinary medical artificial intelligence (AI) research.


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$18.7 Million IC3 core faculty research portfolio


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Johns Hopkins Grand Rounds

Augmented Decision-Making

IC3’s Dr. Azra Bihorac gives a lecture on collaborative research that develops technology to help physicians make better decisions in the ICU.