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Are you ready to revolutionize health care through cutting-edge research and innovation? Join us at the Intelligent Clinical Care Center, where brilliant minds converge to shape the future of clinical care.

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Ic3 Membership

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The Intelligent Clinical Care Center is dedicated to improving medical research with AI. We strive to be a community for students, staff, and faculty that is committed to fostering a people-centered, creative environment for all.

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Membership Benefits

All IC3 members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Planning and Mentorship Opportunities
    • The center hosts an annual competitive AI Catalyst funding opportunity, and select members will have opportunities to participate in planning committees and mentorship opportunities.
  • Travel Grants
    • The Intelligent Clinical Care Center will award travel grants on an annual basis to junior faculty and students of active members who require travel assistance for presenting and/or attending national conferences. The number of travel grants and dollar amount (up to $500) will be determined by how many applications are received. Acknowledgement of the IC3 is requested for support.
  • Collaborative funding opportunities
  • Scientific enrichment and scholastic opportunities
    • R01, R21 and AI Bootcamps
    • Mentorship opportunities
  • Letter of support, facilities and other resources