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A vision for transformative clinical medicine, where pervasive and immersive artificial intelligence augments a human-centered healthcare system.

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Intelligent Clinical Care Center

Over the last decade, with the advances in ambient sensing, digital medicine, immersive technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI), we have established expertise and research experience in developing and using pervasive intelligence for sensing, quantifying, and communicating patient's conditions in an autonomous, precise, fair, and interpretable manner. Our cross-disciplinary research partnership Precision and Intelligence in Medicine (PrismaP) and Intelligent Health Lab (i-Heal) have established a national and international reputation in artificial intelligence, informatics, immersive technologies, and data science in medicine. Together, we are the Intelligent Clinical Care Center at the University of Florida.

AI in medical research

Center Vision & Mission

Driving innovations

Our work not only improves medical research but also advances the way scientists conduct research. We develop new, innovative research approaches and tools, and thinking to improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of health care research.

Improving care

Improve patient care through innovative research translation for quality improvements, patient safety, and development of benchmark metrics.

Leading groups

IC3 aims to build a national leadership for multicenter AI and data centers.

Embracing sustainability

Forster sustainability with external fundraising through entrepreneurship initiatives, philanthropy, and community engagement and advocacy.

The Intelligent Clinical Care Center (IC3) will advance our vision for transformative critical and acute care medicine where pervasive and immersive artificial intelligence augments a human-centered healthcare system. The mission of IC3 is to develop and provide sustainable support and leadership for transformative medical AI research, education, and clinical applications to advance patients’ health in critical and acute care medicine.

Translational research in medical AI requires diversely trained faculty engaged in a transdisciplinary approach that creates a unity of intellectual frameworks beyond the disciplinary perspectives to ensure a trustworthy and fair evolution of these powerful tools towards patient care. Through the partnership between the University of Florida Colleges of Medicine and Engineering, the IC3 is the first transdisciplinary program in the nation to study AI in critical and acute illnesses and provide the necessary collaborative infrastructure to propel the University of Florida and UF Health as the leaders in this field.


Dr. Azra Bihorac

Dr. Bihorac is an internist, nephrologist, general, and neuro-intensivist with a career-long clinical and research interest in postoperative complications, more specifically sepsis and acute kidney injury. She also has an abiding interest in complex biological systems, human-machine interaction, and the use of rapid analytic techniques to optimize unstable patient care in real time.

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Dr. Parisa Rashidi

Dr. Rashidi is currently an associate professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at UF. She is also affiliated with the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), as well as Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) departments. She is the director of our partner lab, the “Intelligent Health Lab” (i-Heal). Her research aims to bridge the gap between machine learning and patient care.

Dr. Rashidi

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IC3 is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers who work together to create intelligent healthcare solutions.

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