Research Areas

Our goal in the Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3) is to expand the scope of research into AI-augmented diagnostic, prognostic, and clinical decision-making in a safe, secure, and ethical manner using a trustworthy, reproducible, sustainable, and ethical AI framework for a wide range of critical and acute illnesses.

Pervasive Intelligence

Development and implementation of AI sensing systems to capture information on acutely ill patients.


Augmented Decision-Making

Development and implementation of AI systems to assist in diagnosing, clinical decision-making, computable phenotyping, and trajectory prediction of acutely ill patients.


Immersive Human-AI Interaction

Development and implementation of immersive technologies and human-AI interaction (IHAI) systems to facilitate communication between the AI systems and end users (physicians, nurses, caregivers, and patients) and systems integrating augmented and virtual reality with sensors/AI biofeedback to assist in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for critically and acutely ill patients.


Medical AI Ethics

Developing and disseminating guidelines for foundation principles of trustworthy, reproducible, sustainable, and ethical (TRUST) framework in medicine.