Medical Imaging


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Artificial intelligence can improve medical imaging for screenings, precision medicine, and risk assessment.

Image processing with AI

Team Leaders

ruogu fang

Associate Director for education, Intelligent Critical Care Center

Ruogu Fang, PhD

Dr. Ruogu Fang is a tenured Associate Professor in the J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida. Her research theme is artificial intelligence (AI)-empowered precision brain health and brain/bio-inspired AI. She focuses on questions such as: How to use machine learning to quantify brain dynamics, early diagnose Alzheimer's disease through novel imagery, predict individualized treatment outcomes, and design precision intervention.

pinaki sarder

Associate Director for Imaging, Intelligent Critical Care Center

Pinaki Sarder, PhD

Associate Professor College of Medicine, Department of Medicine – Nephrology, his lab develops novel computational methods to study and understand tissue micro-anatomy using multi-omics data. Dr. Sarder's method has implications in clinical diagnostics, and also allows studying fundamentals of biological systems. Currently, his major focus involves studying diabetic kidney disease in human system.

shao wei

Assistant director for Imaging, intelligent critical care center

Wei Shao, PhD

Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Dr. Shao’s research focuses on developing artificial intelligence methods in medical imaging to improve patient care. His current research projects include: (a) developing machine learning algorithms for multimodal image registration, multi-object image segmentation, and image-to-image translation, etc. (b) developing machine learning algorithms for accurate and fast disease diagnosis on medical images, (c) integrating image processing algorithms into clinical workflows.