Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to submit only the letter of intent, or do we need to submit the application with the six items noted in the application instructions?

The application includes all six items that can be submitted here.

Can we select two datathon themes, or just limited to one? 

We are limiting submissions to one application per PI; however, you can be listed as a co-I or as personnel on another PI’s application. If you are submitting a cross-cutting application that involves multiple themes, you may select all themes that apply.

How would each proposal be judged?

Each team’s final proposal (including preliminary results from the project working period) and in-person presentation will be scored for innovation and significance as well as documentation of algorithms developed. The performance of algorithms on a hold-out dataset will be also part of the evaluation criteria.

How long does the final proposal need to be?

The Research Strategy will be six pages for the full proposal. Further details on the full proposal will be provided along with the notice of acceptance.

Why is the coding session after the deadline for the full proposal?

During the coding session, the algorithms will be validated on a hold-out dataset, and the performance of the algorithms on this hold-out dataset will be part of the evaluation criteria.

How much would the stipend be for graduate students/post-docs?

The team will receive monetary support that would cover 10-20 hours of work based on an average hourly rate for a graduate student or postdoctoral associate/fellow during the 3-month research period.

Can a senior post-doc, research assistant scientist, assistant scientist, etc., be a PI?

Faculty from Health Science Center Colleges and/or College of Engineering are eligible to submit a proposal to an external funding agency. All clinical and research trainees including fellows, residents, postdoctoral associates/fellows, and students can apply as part of a team led by a faculty. Post-docs cannot apply as a PI, but faculty in tenure and non-tenure accruing tracks including assistant scientists are eligible to apply as a PI. Please see UF policy at for further details.

I have a data set but no idea where to start or examples of how AI can be applied to my data. Where can I find this information?

Literature search with relevant keywords for your area of research and keywords such as “machine learning,” “deep learning,” and “artificial intelligence” would yield reference papers that may provide some examples. You can see some ongoing research at UF utilizing AI at

Would the AI faculty participate in the proposal for extramural funding?

Yes, applicant PI and AI faculty would lead the proposal submission for extramural funding.