ABC 7 talks medical AI with IC3 director

Azra Bihorac

The UF Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3) director Azra Bihorac discussed the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine during an interview with ABC 7 reporter Meagan Miller as part of a wide-ranging cover story about the emergence of AI.

“I think the entrance of AI as a new technology is really going to transform medicine,” Dr. Bihorac said during the segment. “With the right governance and the right approach and all of us being on board as being a key stakeholder, I think we have a bright future in front of us.”

Along with Dr. Bihorac, Damian Adams from the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) discussed how AI could contribute to food production in the face of environmental challenges such as climate change.

Read the full transcript of the story here or watch the video below.