NASA collaborates with new IC3 research faculty

Research faculty member Kia Khezeli, from the Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3) and IC3 co-director Parisa Rashidi’s Intelligent Health Lab (i-Heal), is an author on two new review articles that discuss how artificial intelligence and precision medicine could be essential to deep space travel for humans in the future.

Prior to joining the University of Florida, Khezeli collaborated with researchers from the NASA Ames Research Center for the articles “Biomonitoring and precision health in deep space supported by artificial intelligence” and “Biological research and self-driving labs in deep space supported by artificial intelligence,” both of which appear in the March 2023 issue of Nature Machine Intelligence. The reviews are based on content presented at a June 2021 event organized by NASA called “Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Modeling for Space Biology.”

The reviews suggest the creation of an “intelligent Precision Space Health system, to monitor, aggregate, and assess biomedical statuses” so that future deep space missions would not need to rely on Earth-based consultation in order to diagnose and treat human astronauts.

Read the articles here.