Data-driven decision support may benefit surgeon judgment

Surgeons were more likely to recommend laparoscopic cholecystectomy (i.e., surgical removal of gallbladder) for patients with moderate acute cholecystitis (i.e., gallbladder inflammation) compared with severe cholecystitis (98% vs. 32%).

2022 IC3 Highlight

In a September article of Frontiers in Digital Health, researchers—including Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3) director Azra Bihorac and associate director for research Tyler Loftus—analyzed the decision-making of surgeons when confronted with patients who have severe, acute cholecystitis (i.e., inflammation of the gallbladder).

The study, “Personalized decision-making for acute cholecystitis: Understanding surgeon judgment,” found that “[t]reatment recommendations for a patient with severe cholecystitis were discordant with perceived risks and benefits of treatment options.” Therefore, the results “suggest opportunities to augment surgical decision-making with personalized, data-driven decision support.”

Read the Frontiers in Digital Health article here.