IC3 Director on “From Florida” Podcast to Discuss NIH Bridge2AI CHoRUS Project

Dr. Azra Bihorac, the Director of UF’s Intelligent Critical Care Center (IC3), appeared on the UF News “From Florida” podcast to discuss the multimillion-dollar, multicenter National Institutes of Health Bridge2AI project focused on expanding AI research and technology in critical care settings.

Image of Azra Bihorac
Dr. Azra Bihorac

The four-year NIH Bridge2AI project, “A Patient-Focused Collaborative Hospital Repository Uniting Standards (CHoRUS) for Equitable AI,” is referred to as CHoRUS by Dr. Bihorac and the other IC3 principal investigators—Co-Director Parisa Rashidi, PhD, and Associate Director for Education Yulia Levites Strekalova, PhD.

Dr. Bihorac and the IC3 will lead the way in three of the project’s six modules and will direct a 15-site group that includes prominent medical institutions such as Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, Columbia University, Mayo Clinic, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Duke University, and UCLA. In the remaining three modules, Dr. Bihorac and the IC3 along with UF faculty from across five colleges will serve as co-leads, co-investigators, and team members.

Alongside host Nicci Brown and UF professor and privacy law scholar Barbara Evans, Bihorac detailed the CHoRUS project’s goal of creating a 100,000-patient data set and a set of standards that will enable more hospitals to use AI in their ICUs and more researchers to advance AI that could lead to better diagnosis and recovery for ICU patients.

Listen to Dr. Bihorac discuss this exciting new step in IC3’s mission here.